Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Cover Credits

A piece of exciting news!

A website called Cover Cafe runs a contest each year in which readers nominate and vote for their favourite book covers of the year. And guess what? The cover of The Russian Concubine was named as one of the best covers in the Historical category and so is now a finalist.

You must admit it's a gorgeous piece of artwork, designed by Richard Hasselberger. So thank you, Richard, and thanks also to my publishers Berkley US and LittleBrown UK. It's a terrific honour.

Anyway, the competition voting should be up and running by early May, so check out the website: And get voting!

In the meantime, I'll get working.


anca minescu said...


This is not about the cover, though I like it very much! This is more about the book that took my breath away and kept me awake reading when nothing else could...
Thank you for writing such a wonderful novel and giving your readers so much hope! I finished reading the book a week ago, and yet the pictures are still alive in my head and tears are still there at the corner of my eyes.
I read the book as a Romanian, married to a Scottish husband, living in the Netherlands, and as a new mother of our wonderful daughter Hazel. Additionally, I am a researcher on inter-ethnic relations, and my PhD dissertation is on Russia of the years 2000... Your book appealed to me - as you can imagine- on so many different levels! I just had to figure out how to write a blogg (this is my first time), hoping that my gratitude will reach you.
I am already waiting for your next novel, and wish you all the energy and inspiration to be able to give your readers the ability to love again, to look at the world with new eyes, to keep up their ideals, to live despite misunderstanding, and understand through living.

Kate Furnivall said...

Hi Anca,
Thank you so much for the fabulous comments about The Russian Concubine. The book is very dear to my heart because it was inspired by the childhood situation of my mother in China (though Lydia's story is totally fictional).
How interesting that you are doing your dissertation on Russia. Though so much has changed in that country in so many ways, it still has the same passion as it faces its new challenges.
My next book will be published in the Netherlands this month (May) and in America in June, then in the UK in November. I hope you enjoy it.

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jennifer said...

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